Living Purposefully with Confidence

curtainThe Law, written on tablets of stone, was given to Moses and the people of Israel. A covenant was made. They promised to obey. It would be a promise they would not keep. They could not keep.

Breaking covenant meant death. The death of an animal sacrifice. Sin required a blood sacrifice. The priest would need to offer the blood sacrifice of perfect animals, daily for the sins of the people.

It was a shadow of things to come. There would be a better way. A better covenant. A perfect sacrifice that would be once and for all. It would cover all sin, for all time. To those who believe.

A better covenant. A law, not written on stone but written on our hearts. No longer would an earthly priest be needed. We will know God. We will be His people. Our sins remembered no more.

Our sins forgiven. Forgiven, not because of the blood of animals, but because of the One who came to offer His perfect sacrifice.The One, Jesus, the perfect sacrifice offered Himself freely.

Before, in the shadow of the things to come, man could not enter into the tabernacle. A veil separate man from entering. But Jesus provided a better covenant. His flesh, the veil, was torn so that we could freely “draw near” to God with “hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” (Heb 10:22)

So the law written on stone could not be kept, but the law written on our hearts can be kept through Jesus. We can have confidence in the One who promised is faithful to keep His covenant. A covenant that frees us from our sins and will no longer be remembered.

Since we have this confidence in Jesus we can endure the struggles and trials of this earth know that we will receive what has been promised. That which is promised is eternal life with Jesus.

So let us not give up, but let us hold fast and preserve to the end.

(see Hebrews 8-9 and Exodus 24)


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