Sharon is the wife of a husband who loves her well and who she considers her best friend. They have been married since 1983 and have raised two sons. Both boys are now married and her greatest joys are her five grandchildren who are such a blessing to her heart and life.

She has volunteered at Care Net Pregnancy Center, as a client advocate. She served as a Women's Ministry Director, has led Bible Studies and served as a volunteer in many ministries of the church.

In 2014 she began working toward a certificate in Biblical Lay Counseling. She believes it will help in her calling to help others walk from brokenness to Everlasting Joy in Christ.

You can read more about her story here, here and here.

About the name - Everlasting Joy

Sharon's life could be summed up in Isaiah 61. She believes that God has called her to share her story, and her life, here on this blog and in real life, in order to help others see that they too can be set free. Her past, and at times present, has been filled with feelings of great shame, insecurities, and fear. She has allowed those things to rule over her and become idols of her heart as they manifested in many sinful ways.

Her story isn't pretty or neatly packaged. At times she has struggled to see the good in all that happened. For much of her life she has struggled to believe that God is good to her, loves her or that He calls her His beloved. These are parts of the lies of sin and shame which has robbed her of the joy that is hers in Christ.

But what Sharon has learned, and continues to learn is that she can be free from that which robs her of joy. This is what she desires to share with others. She wants her readers to know that when we face our deepest fears and the idols of our hearts you can be free. It's hard work and it's not easy. But she has found that as she seeks God and His righteousness  He has healed her brokenness. He healed her sins. He set her free from captivity. He turned her mourning into gladness. He rebuilt that which was destroyed. And instead of shame and humiliation, there is now shouts of joy! Everlasting joy is hers!

And...Everlasting joy can be yours too!

Everlasting joy can be yours today regardless of what you are facing today. We are not defined by what we've done or what has been done to us. We are defined by who Jesus is and what He has done for us. Our joy is IN Jesus, not our circumstances. When we fully understand the truth of this our soul will "rejoice greatly" and we will "exult in our God".

Together we are on a journey. And it's often a  messy journey so we need each other. So please feel free to email or leave a comment below with any questions you may have. Sharon would love to hear from you and help you walk in the joy of Christ!

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