At the Foot of the Cross

jesuscamp_narrowweb__300x400,0I have come to the cross Lord Jesus so many times. Humbled. Broken.
For confession. Cleansing. Healing.
It's not a beautiful cross, ragged and worn.
The comes because You died here. You died for me.
So that I might be free.
Jesus I often find myself here looking at the cross, not wanting to forgot the sacrifice you gave so that I could live.

But as I sit at the foot of the cross I often forget to look beyond to the grave.

You know longer hand on the cross. In your death you took upon my sin, pain, suffering and shame. Then three days later you came out of the grave!

You were victorious over death! Victorious over sin! My sin is gone! I am free!

Jesus you set me free!

So while I need to remember the cross and Your sacrifice there I must also remember to look to the grave.

Because of You I can live in victory over sin and death.

Oh Lord Jesus help me to battle the enemy that would love to see me stay in bondage to sin. Help me to take captive every thought and expose the lies. Show me those areas that I am still in bondage to, those lies I still believe. Strip away all that is not from you. My desire is to be soft clay, molded into the image you created for me. Do with me Jesus as you will...

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  1. Hello my friends, if you have just read this post I beg your forgiveness for so many typo's! I won't be able to get onto a computer until Tuesday and for whatever reason my mobile devices aren't allowing me to edit! Ugh! So frustrating. I even tried taking the post down...again not allowed! So I apologize-that is what I get for being in a hurry to schedule post while I am away!! So if there was every any doubt I am not perfect!! ;)

    I am so in need of the cross!


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