But, What About God?

thankfulAs I have been thinking about all the things I am thankful for I realized that my list is quite long. God has richly blessed me, even in the trials and storms I can see blessings. But something hit me as I was reflecting on my list.

It was about ME! But, What about God? Ultimately isn’t it God to whom all glory and thanksgiving should be given? Is it not He who gives me the blessings?

It’s really not about me at all! Nothing is about me. It’s all God. God’s Spirit living in me gives me everything I need.

So today I want it to be ALL ABOUT GOD!

Today I want to say THANK YOU to my

El Elyon the Most High God. You are the sovereign ruler of all the universe.

El Roi, the God who sees. You are everywhere. You never sleep. I am constantly within your sight. You are always aware of all my circumstances.

El Shaddai, my all-sufficient One. You pour Yourself out for me. You are sufficient. You are all I need.

Jehovah-rapha, the God who heals me of my sin. I am healed completely and forever of my sin. Thank you!

Jehovah-nissi, The Lord is my Banner. You gives victory over my enemy. You provide all I need to fight the battle of my flesh. Because of You, my Jehovah-nissi, I can have victory over my flesh, the world, and the devil.

Jehovah-Sabaoth, the Lord of host. You are the One who delivers and the One who judges. In Your presence I have deliverance. I am safe! Your name is a Strong tower, my stronghold. (Ps 47:7; Prov. 28:20)

Jehovah-tsidkenu, the Lord is my righteousness. This is among one of my favorite names because it tells me I can be right with God. No matter where I have been or what I have done I can have a right standing with my Creator. How? By receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. Because of Jesus and the new Covenant (His blood) God has given me a new heart. Jeremiah 31:33-34 says that God has written His law on my heart, He will forgive me of my sins and remember them no more. I am righteous through Christ. Hallelujah! Oh THANK YOU JESUS!!

You are my Shepherd, my Jehovah-raah who leads me in the path of righteousness, You restore my soul. (Ps 23)

God, You are my Rock, the Shelter in the Storm. I can run to you and be safe.

Thank you God for being a Covenant keeping God. You are trustworthy and You will not fail to keep even one of your promises to Your children.

Thank you Father for being a personal God. A God who wants to be in a deep, loving, covenant relationship with us.

God, I thank you for who you are! You are the great I AM! For there is NO other God beside you!

What about you? What part of God’s character are you MOST thankful for? Would love to hear from you!!

I am also joining in on Thankful Thursday over at Women Taking A Stand.


  1. Great idea to remember it's all about HIM!

    have a wonderful day.

  2. So glad to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY today and what a blessing your post was to me! Making it all about Him! When we do that, is so easy to see His goodness. ((blessings)) -Laurie

  3. Your blog is so aptly named. I find such a quiet peace when I visit. The names of Jesus never cease to pour blessings into my heart. God is so much more than our minds can comprehend.



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