31 Days of Seeking Grace


For the month of October I will be joining The Nesting Place for 31 Days 2014 Challenge. The 31 Days is an online writing challenge where we all link up on day one and then write about a topic of our choice every day in October. My topic will be Seeking Grace.

I am already a few days behind, but I do hope to be able to continue this. Originally my goal was to go deep into the topic of grace and answer questions like. What is grace? What does it mean in relation to God? To others? How do we give grace? Receive grace? But most of all how do we live out a grace filled life? How can I be a woman that pours grace upon others? What does it look like? These and more are questions I often wonder about.

But I am quickly realizing that 31 days of trying to go deep into a topic is setting myself up to fail. So instead I am choosing to focus on 31 verses or quotes of grace. Some days I may just post a verse and picture other days I may write a short devotional, it all depends on what God lays on my heart. But we will be seeking GRACE. God’s Grace.

So join me this month as I seek to find Grace. God’s grace in a life that so often how shows very little grace. May it lead us to understand grace a bit deeper, but most of all may it lead us to live a life filled with grace.

I will make a list below of the days so it’s easier to follow along.

Day 1-- He Gives Grace and Glory

Day 2 – This is Grace

Day 3 – Grace is There

Day 4 – Grace Amazing

Day 5 – Grace Changes Us

Day 6 – Grace in Jesus

Day 7 – Surrender to Grace

Day 8 – Grace is a Gift

Day 9 – Grace for Trials

Day 10 – Living by Grace

Day 11 – Grace and Truth

Day 12 – Grace is Power

Day 13—Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Day 14 – Giving Grace to Others

Day 15 – Words of Grace

Day 16 – Breathe Deeply of His Grace

Day 17 – Grace Motivated Obedience

Day 18 – Marvelous Grace

Day 19 – Grace in the Midst of Doubt

Day 20 – Irresistible Grace

Day 21 – Uncomfortable Grace

Day 22 – Your Grace Finds Me

Day 23 – Grace in the Wilderness

Day 24 – Grace in my Insecurities

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