Releasing a Blessing

You are a blessing.

I  have never seen you.

MP900178523I have never felt you in my arm

Nor heard your voice.

You are apart of me

blood of my blood.


In my heart I carry you.

I carry my love for you along with

my heartache and grief.


On most days I rejoice knowing

they prayedMP900408926 for you.

Now you bless their life.

God saw. He knew.

It was His answer to their prayer.

For that I can rejoice.


There are days I mourn the loss of you.

I image your smile, laughter, hugs and kisses.

I wonder what it would be like if you were here

with our family.

Tears fall as my heart grieves



Sadness comes, it stay for awhile.

Then there is the pain.

The pain of a mother’s heart to see her child in such

sorrow and regret.

The pain of a grandmother’s heart to know I may never see you

or know you.


MP900408981I pray for him,

The one who released you

to bless another.

He grieves with such sorrow

and pain.

                                                Such sadness and guilt

God sees and He knows.

He promises forgiveness and healing.

He promises to continue the work He started.


So today I come, again, to the comfort of my Lord.

I pray that he will heal the broken heart

of the one who released the blessing.

The one whose heart aches

for the loss of it.


I pray for that precious blessing, that he might grow to be

a strong man of God.

A man that serves and obeys.

I pray for his family as they raise him

the one who is now their blessing from God.


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