Until Death Separates


Marriage, a lifelong commitment.
Love, a choice one makes
regardless of your feelings
of the moment.

To commit to another soul means
that you are joined to that person
and nothing can break
the bond.

When feelings come that go
against your commitment of love,
you must battle the
urge to flee.


To flee from love
is to take the easy path,
to walk away is to say
that you were never
committed to that person.
No one ever said it would
be easy.


Marriage is a commitment.

With God at the center
it is possible to go the distance.

It is possible to weather the storms.

With God it is possible to stay together

until death separates you.




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  1. Beautiful blog Sharon! I know what you mean about not being a writer but about being obedient to our audience of One! So glad you stopped by The Alabaster Jar! You are a wonderful fit for our Marital Oneness Mondays! Please consider linking up your posts with me each week.


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