Saturday’s Encouragement: Keepin’ It Real

SaturdayEncourageWell I am very sorry for being late on this entry. We babysat our grandchildren over the weekend and I didn’t even get a chance to turn on my computer!

This week, being a crazy week I had so little time to read all my favorite blogs. Hopefully I will be able to catch up this week. My purpose originally was to “hug” those women that encouraged me through their blogging in a particular week. What I didn’t realize is that it might be possible to have the same women week after week. So while several of the blogs of last week continued to encourage me this week I do have one to add for this week.

I have actually known this blogger for most of my life. She is the one who led me to the cross of Christ. She helped me see my need of a Savior. This week she wrote a blog on Seeing Color.

I have been mostly black and white my whole life. It’s a constant struggle for me, a battle I often fight. But reading this I was lifted up. I felt like I could feel my very soul saying be free to see the wondrous colors of grace I’ve created for you!

Thank you my dear friend. So go on over and visit my friend Gina at Keepin’ it Real.

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