A Family Legacy of Prayer

families_extended_familyA five year old stands by the graveside of her father. Tears flowing freely down her face. What happens now?

A woman standing beside the graveside of her husband. She is falling apart inside. What happens now?

Death comes so early to a father of three small children. He leaves his wife and the mother of his children. A mother that will be unable to care for herself let alone her children.

It will take years for her to become strong. To become healthy and able to care and love properly. In the meantime, the children grow up in a world of hurt, confusion and aloneness.

But they have not been forgotten. There are those that fight for them on their knees. They daily beseech God to care for these precious children.

For years they will pray, not seeing or hearing of any fruit for their labor. Some would die not knowing if their prayers were ever answered.

The faithful prayers of grandparents, Aunts and Uncles were taken daily before the throne. A family legacy of prayer being offered up on their behalf.

A God, who is faithful to answer prayers, would watch over and work in the lives of the children. The five year old that once wondered what now would meet her God at the age of sixteen.

At twenty she would fall before her God and surrender completely to His love. She would not know until years later of the faithful prayers of her family. A family that never gave up hope in their God.

To many there were times when this family may have have looked completely lost. What hope was there for such young ones in a world that seemed against them?

What hope? The only hope. The hope of Jesus Christ and the faithful prayers of a family who never gave up.

For the LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting and His faithfulness to all generations. Ps 100:5

My encouragement to you today is to faithfully pray for your family. You may or may not live to see them answered, but God is faithful to answer the prayers of the saints. I am thankful beyond words to my grandparents who faithfully prayed, dying before they ever saw fruits of their prayers.

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