A Love That Never Quits

There was a time when God brought a young man into the life of a very lost and confused young woman. God would tell him on that day “this is the one I have for you!” His heart was instantly drawn to hers!

He looked into her beautiful eyes and saw the weight of the life she had already walked. Her eyes spoke of many unseen things. He saw brokenness and pain, but instead of running, as many before him had done, God would knit his heart to hers.

She was a beauty that was in need of rescuing; only she did not want to be rescued. In the name of love she had been hurt far too many times. She no longer held out any hope for true love. She learned to live behind the high castle walls for protection. She did not understand at the time that God had sent the one who would be willing to fight through all the obstacles until he had won her heart.

In the beginning the young man believed it would be easy, after all God had promised that she was his. But the young beauty had become too skilled at hiding and protecting.The young man would not give up, he did not grow discouraged. God had told him that she was his and he trusted that.

The young man would have many times of going before his Father in heaven praying for the one promised. He realized that the journey to win her heart would be long and hard, he would not be able to do it alone.

After many battles, and overcoming many obstacles her walls came tumbling down. He was finally able to look in the eyes of the young woman and see a beauty far greater than he imagined. For in the deep pool of those blue eyes he saw a deep pain of the past, he saw the lost, broken young woman before him, then God let him see the great beauty she would become.

He had finally won her heart. Although hesitant she reached out her hand to him. She had put him through so much. She couldn’t really understand then how he could possibly still love her.

He reached out to take her hand, looked into her eyes to the very heart of her and loved her.

As I sit and look at my husband today I still wonder why he loves me. I did not make it easy for him then or after our wedding. But for the last 28 years he has walked a road of healing with me. This amazing man saw through the brokenness, the pain, and the walls and saw the woman he knew I could and would be.

God has used my husband in my life in so many extraordinary ways that I stand amazed. My husband has been a wonderful example of God’s redeeming love and His forgiveness.

The king is enthralled by your beauty…Ps 45:11


  1. A lovely tale of your husband's devotion to you...and to where God led him! :)

  2. What a beautiful story of love and devotion. He sounds like a truely wonderful and godly man!
    Blessings to you and him!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful story, wonderfully told. I hope you don't wonder anymore...you are well worth loving! I am thinking of this song by All Sons & Daughters so will try to link it hear for you.


    1. I'm going over to listen!! Thank you! And no I don't worry about being worthy of love... at least most days. And on the days I forget I have learned to speak truth...God is so gracious!


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