El Roi – The God who sees

El Roi
I recently heard a quote that said “People see what I do, God sees why I do it”
There was a time when that thought scared me. El Roi, a God who sees everything I do AND the motives behind it. But as I have gotten to know the various characteristics of God I have come to love my God, El Roi.

He sees ME! I mean He really SEES me!

From the moment I was born until the day I die He watches over me and sees every joy, pain, hurt, suffering, and I am not alone – EVER!

The God of heaven and earth SEES ME and LOVES me.


  1. That was one of the names of God that intrigued me. I'm so glad God sees all and knows our hearts better than we do and if we follow Him He will show us the way.

  2. Great word! So grateful that He is the God who sees me!


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