God Sees My Affliction

I love to read the Psalms. It’s here that I best understand the reality of suffering. Many of us walk through hard, difficult things in life. Some have seasons of sufferings while others seem to live a life of chronic suffering. Suffering comes in many forms. We suffer through losses of loved ones, pregnancies, jobs, relationships and more. We suffer physically through chronic pain, illnesses and just growing older and our body not working like it used to. We suffer mentally, even though many don’t admit it, we suffer through depression, anxieties, and many other forms of mental illnesses. And we also suffer because of sin. We suffer because of our own sin and it’s consequences. We suffer because of other’s sin and being sinned against. The reality is, we all suffer.

Life on this earth is not easy, at least for the majority of people. David is a good reminder of this reality. David was chosen by God to be King. He had a heart that followed God. And yet, he still sinned and paid deeply for those sins. He was hated and chased down by his enemies, betrayed by one he thought was his friend. He felt abandoned both by people and at times God. David struggled with deep sadness and some might even say depression. His heart was grieved and broken, not just over his sin but over his life’s circumstances. He grew tired and weary from the constant battles of this life.

The last couple of days I’ve been in Psalm 30 and 31 and here are just a few samples of what David was feeling. He was near the pit of hell. (30:3,9) He cried and was in deep grief and sorrow. (30:5; 31:9) He felt weak, and a reproach to those around him. He was an object of dread, and felt forgotten, broken, lied about, terror, and feared for his life. (31:10-13) David, at least in my reading of this, was not in a good place. As I read these words today they brought such sweet encouragement because I knew then that God really did understand my times of deep sadness. God understands the season that I walk through mild depression and being fearful.

God sees me, just like he saw David.  And just like David I can choose to rejoice in the fact that God does see me. He may not remove that which I am currently facing, he may not remove my affliction but I can still choose to focus on the fact of who God is. (31:7-8)

David chose to believe and trust in the God he knew God to be. Instead of looking at his life and the enemy of this world and his flesh David choose to walk in the truth of a God that would deliver him. David’s response to suffering was remembering who God is. Oh how I needed this reminder too! It doesn’t matter how I feel or what painful experiences I am currently walking through, what does matter is whether or not I believe in who God says He is!

The whole of God’s word tells of who He is but just in Psalms 31 I am reminded today that He will deliver me. He hears me. He is my stronghold, my rock and fortress. He will lead me, guide me and keep me safe. He is my strength. He gives me grace. He is trustworthy. He is good and His loving kindness is mine. Wow, what amazing truth in that one chapter! Truth that we can hold on to and believe. Truth that gives hope. Truth that gives courage to face today and all the tomorrows no matter what may come.

I am so grateful for His words. I am grateful that God chose to include David’s life for us to read. I get David, I understand the soul the that cries out in deep sadness and yet chooses to believe and trust in the God he knows. Of course I often forget, I fail and get lost but when I return to God’s word He is so gracious to remind me of who He is and when I remember who He is my soul, once again find hope in the Lord.


  1. I find much comfort in the Psalms. I've been parked there for quite some time.

  2. Hi Sharon... just found your message to me. Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. I think when Facebook came around, a lot of us slowed down or stopped blogging completely. I get the urge to write every once in a while so I've kept my blog up. I am doing well, cancer free for six years now. Hope you're doing well, too. Glad to know that bloggers are still blogging =]


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