When the Day is Hard

SerenitySome days are just hard aren’t they? For a myriad of reasons there are just days that seem to drain us emotionally. We could be facing the death of a loved one, a prodigal child, financial loss, a painful relationship, betrayal of friends or loved ones and the list could go on and on. Or you could just be having a rather ordinary day that seems hard due to chronic pain, lack of sleep, sickness and so many other physical things that often come upon us.

Lately my life has seemed really hard. It’s hard to get up in the morning. Hard to do what must be done. I am tired, really tired, of chronic pain. I don’t write much about it because I don’t want you to think I am whining, or complaining. I know that others face far greater pain than I. So on most days I just “suck it up” and plow through my day. I do what must be done. Sure pain meds help, but so often that adds a whole list of other issues too. So it’s a battle of just how much pain can I tolerate before giving in and “popping a pill.”

But I get tired of “sucking it up”. I get tired of the doctor’s visits, meds, and once again lets try physical therapy. I get tired of having to pretend I am fine because there are those who don’t understand. After all, you look, fine on the outside. Besides, you get tired of trying to explain that “just because I’m having a hard day and my pain levels might be very high I am not falling apart spiritually.” I mean seriously, my faith and trust isn’t that fragile! Or my personal favorite, “but I’ve been praying, why are you still living with pain?” Sigh, that would take another post to fully answer but let’s just say that for these responses it’s sometimes just easier to pretend and say I am doing “just fine”

It is my faith that holds me together. It’s my trust in the One who sees me and understands that keeps me strong. Today has been hard. I cried all the way home from another doctors visit. I felt weak because my pain caused tears. I should be stronger and yet I was reminded that my trust is in Jesus. He is my deliverer, He is my strength. When I got home God took me to Psalms 56 where it begins with a reminder that even though I might battle all day with pain I can put my trust in God whose words I will praise.

David’s battle was with an enemy, my battle is chronic pain, your battle may be something entirely different. Regardless, we can trust in Him, the One who is worthy of our praise. The Psalm ends with these words, “For You have delivered my soul from death, Indeed my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God in the light of the living.” Regardless of kind of day it is I know He will deliver me through it, He will keep me from stumbling so that my walk before Him stays pure and right.

Oh, and right in the middle of Psalms 56 we are reminded that the tears we cry are collected by God. Ours tears are in His book. He knew before time the tears I would cry. He knew the pain and sorrow I would face. He knew my body would feel far older than it is. Could He heal me? Absolutely! But He chooses not to, at least not at this point. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to teach me endurance, or to keep me relying upon Him? There could be many reasons, but I don’t need to know them. I only need to press in and praise Him in the midst of pain. That’s where faith and trust is most evident, to be able to sing His praises regardless of the kind of day you are having.

So today my friend look to Him and walk through the day, not because you have to “suck it up” but because you are resting in Him. Sing praises to Him because He is the God Almighty and worthy to be praised. And be reminded that He sees where you are today even if no one else does and He alone promises to strengthen you.

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