Stop Fighting For Control

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like you are carrying around the weight of the world? You look around you and see all the pain, heartbreak, struggling, confusion, uncertainty and you want to do something. You want to try fix it!
There is so much hurt. So much pain. You wonder, "How can I help make it better"? As you look around it seems overwhelming. How can you help those that will not listen? How can you warn of the coming storms when people choose not to see? How can you encourage the heartbroken? The abused? Those caught in sin's cycle?

In the midst of a day when I am taking on the sorrow of the world God whispers gently in my ear. “These sorrows are not for you. I will carry them.”

I protest, “But God, shouldn’t I say SOMETHING to help them see truth?” Shouldn’t I DO something?” Again a whisper, “Dear child, you have spoken. You have pointed out truth.  You have loved them where they are. And as I give you opportunity continue but for right now, let it go and pray.”
“PRAY? That is it!” “Yes.”

Oh how often I forget that God carries the world and all the troubles on His shoulders I do not need to. I forget I am not in control of the lives of those I love. God changes minds, heart and saves souls. He convicts of sin and He is the one who will work it all out for His glory. 

I need to pray.

What I continue to learn over and over and over is, I AM NOT IN CONTROL. Not even a little. I am learning, continually it seems, that I need to trust more. For if I am fighting to control my family, friends or my circumstances then I am not trusting God. Did you get that?

If I am fighting for control, then I am not trusting God. 
Oh Father help me trust you more fully! Help me to realize that I can not carry the sorrows and heartaches of this world. You have called me to pray. Father, teach me to pray and leave it all with you.

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