If I Love Him...

I love the little things in life. Sometime we miss those things that seem unimportant and yet when we really pay attention we see just how important they are.

Little things, like conjunctions.

In John 15  there is the little conjunction “if” and while I know God’s love of me is not conditional, this little word helps me to evaluate if I really love God.

If I love God then rest assured my life will show it. Yes there may be times of failure and inconsistencies but there should be a genuine pursuit of these things in my life as a result of my love for God.

If I love Him…

I will keep His commandments/words. (John 14:16,23; 15:10)
I will  abide in Him and I will bear fruit. (15:4-5)
I will  lay down my life for Him. (15:12)
I will be hated by the world. (15:18)
I will be persecuted. (15:20)
I will testify of Christ (15:27)

We  need to ask ourselves a few questions, "Does my life show that I love Jesus? Do I allow Him to mold and change me? Am I bearing fruit? Am I keeping His commandments? Am I willing to lay down my life for the life He calls me to?"

These can be hard questions but we must be willing to ask them and to allow the Holy Spirit to speak into those areas where we do not see growth.

Oh Father help me to love you not just in what I say, or write, but help me live a life that testifies of my love for You. Amen

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