I Am Afflicted and Needy

Child Praying January 22, 2004

A prayer from Psalms 86

Father I am afflicted and needy.  My body grows weary of fighting pain. My mind does not speak truth. Be gracious to me, Your servant.  While I know I do not deserve Your grace I trust that You hear my cries before you.

My flesh would like to give up. To give in to the enemy that seeks to discourage me. But Father I know that You and You alone can lift up my soul. Your goodness to me out shines all this world has to offer. Oh Father even in my current state I sing praises to You name. For YOU ARE good. You are good to ME! I rest in that knowledge that You alone are God!

Teach me Father to lean upon You. To find strength in You. Teach me Your truth and help me to speak it, know it and live it. Unite my heart to Your name. Help me to live in the power of Your name so that my whole life might glorify You forever. Father, You have already delivered me from so much pain and sorrow, I and confident that your lovingkindness will continue toward me in abundance.

Father You have been merciful and  and gracious toward me even in those moments that I have turned from You. You are faithful in my unfaithfulness. Oh Lord You are Good, You are great and have done wondrous deeds. You alone are God. You alone are worthy of my praise.

Help me Father for I am afflicted and needy. I am weak and grow weary. I need Your grace to make it through this day.


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