Lies easily believed, easily spoken.

We hear them through various media, friends, family and strangers.

We hear them at church and in our own minds.


Lies spoken tell us we are worthless, unloved, and alone.

They speak words that tell us we are not enough.

Lies fill our minds rendering us useless over their power.


Lies make us fearful.

Afraid to believe in hope, faith and the power that sets us free.

Afraid to try again after another failure.


Lies are spoken by our enemy.

An enemy who desires to discourage and destroy.

An enemy who desires to keep us from truth.


Truth sets us free.

Jesus is the truth that sets us free.

Jesus came that you might have abundant life.


Freedom is knowing truth.

The truth of who you are in Christ because of the cross.

The truth that His written word speaks truth.


Jesus calls you friend.

All who believe on Him are pure, holy, righteous and beloved.

Jesus says all that believe upon Him is saved.


Lies of the enemy who seeks to destroy you.

Truth of the One who came to set you free.

Who will you believe? The choice is yours.

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