An Ordinary Life

Life, at times can seem rather ordinary.
We have not been called to do grand things for God.
Our purpose does not seem extraordinary.
Our purpose feels so small. Insignificant.
No one sees. No one hears.
We are not changing the world.
Not even one heart. So it seems.
Instead our days are filled with crying children.
Filled with long days and sleepless nights.
A friend calls, we speak words of truth.
We encourage a broken heart.
Mending scraped knees and read stories.
Our world seems filled with the mundane.
We comfort those mourning a loss.
Take a meal to the sick.
We hold the hand of a dying friend.
We cry, laugh and live an ordinary life.
An ordinary life filled with soccer and ballet.
A life filled with grocery list, house cleaning
and cooking yet another meal.
It's an ordinary life.
We struggle with purpose, significance.
The lies of the enemy.
Lies that tell us we have no value.
We aren't enough.
Lies that tell us ordinary is somehow wrong.
It is weak.
It's in the ordinary life that God uses to minister.
It's the ordinary life, serving an extraordinary God ,
that changes the world one heart at a time.
God calls the ordinary to pour out their life and
heart in service to Him.
God uses the ordinary life to make disciples.
Why do we seek to be more than ordinary?
It’s the ordinary life God uses to be His hands and feet.

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