A Prayer



Before the mountains were created, before you made the earth and the world, you are God, without beginning or end.

Teach me to make the most of my time, so that I may grow in wisdom. 

Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love, so I may sing for joy to the end of my life.

Give me gladness in proportion to my former misery!

Replace the evil years with good. Let me see your miracles again…

                                                      Psalm 90:2, 12, 14-16a

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  1. This is a beautiful Psalm. I especially love the first part.

    I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award & had to nominate other blogs that I enjoy following. I have nominated yours also. If you choose to accept the nomination you can find out more information by visiting me @: http://www.writingmydreams.com/. Keep up the wonderful work that you do.


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