30 Days of Blessings: A Prayer

You thrill me, LORD, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done. Ps 92:4 NLT


Father God, hear my prayer; answer me.

I am in great need of You.

Protect me. Save me.

Help me to be completely devoted to you.

I desire to serve you.

I trust you for You are my God.

I daily cry out to you. Be merciful to me Your daughter.

Where is my happiness? My joy?

O Lord, my very breath depends on you.

In You alone is joy found.

I need You.

In my sadness I will praise you.

You are good. You are good to me.

You have forgiven me of all my sin.

I am blessed.

I know You hear me.

I know You will answer me.

In Your time. In Your way.

There is no other god like You.

You alone create the earth and sky.

You spoke the world into being.

You alone are God.

I am blessed.

Your name is worthy of praise.

You have rescued me from eternal torment.

Oh Father teach me. Show me Your ways that I may walk in them.

I desire to live according to Your word.

Give me a pure heart.

A heart that seeks You alone.

I am blessed.

With all I am and with all I have I will praise you.

You give me an abundance of mercy and grace.

You pour out Your loving kindness on me.

You are full of truth. You are Truth.

Oh Father, I am blessed for in my great need You are with me.

You are the answer to every need.

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