30 Days of Blessings: He Delights in Me

I often forget that He does delight in me. I am precious. I am loved.

I forget when I take my eyes off Him. I forget when I see others promoted. Honored. Recognized. Made much of.

sara p

This morning I was reminded by Jennifer Drakes Lee “God is right there, waving His arms, saying, “Look! Look! See what I’ve made for you here? See, now, the wonder of your very own children, and the dazzling night sky, and the ruby color in the communion cup? Child, you are adored, cherished, important, and all kinds of WOW to me.””

God does see me. Not only does He see me but He is “wowed” by me. Not because of me or anything I have done. No, I am all kinds of WOW to Him because of what Christ is doing IN and THROUGH Me.

He delights in me. He is delighted, not because of what I do, but because of who I am in Christ.  He delights in me because my heart desires to obey, follow, and live for Him.

I may not have many “followers” on my blog. I may not touch a single person with a word I write. I may not be published or a sought out speaker. But this one thing I know. This is what He reminded me of this morning.

I write for Him.

I speak for Him.

I teach for Him.

I live for Him.

Nothing else matters. I don’t need the world’s or the church’s approval. I am not called to build myself up. To build my reputation or following. I am called to follow Him.

The sad truth is, sometimes, I want to be noticed. I want someone to “approve” me. I want others to be delighted in my writings, speaking, or living. But to want it to be all about me is to take HIS rightful glory.

It is sin. So with a humble heart I come to Him, again, and confess my pride. I confess that I want the glory due Him. Oh to write that is so painful! To see it in print makes me sick to my stomach. But it’s true.

When I desire glory I am taking what belongs to God. I am saying to God, “I did this. It’s mine. You had no part of it.” 

The truth is, I am nothing without Him. I would have nothing apart from Him. It is because of Him and Him ALONE I can live and breathe and have my being!! (Acts 17:28)

When I choose to follow, even if it means in obscurity, He is delighted in me. He is “WOWED” by my simply obeying Him.

He is delighted simply because I am HIS!!

It will no longer be said to you, "Forsaken," Nor to your land will it any longer be said, "Desolate "; But you will be called, "My delight is in her," And your land, "Married "; For the LORD delights in you, And to Him your land will be married. Isaiah 62:4 NAS



  1. Yes! This....

    So good, friend, so good. You honor Him well with your words.

    Wow. :)

  2. I can so relate! Such beautiful and real words, thank you for writing for the Lord and pointing your readers to HIM!

  3. I sometimes think of things I've created--like the peacock I embroidered for my MIL 40 years ago (that I still have)--and sometimes I just well up with delight--because even though it's flawed, I made it. Can you imagine how He wells up with delight over us just because He made us--AND in His eyes we're perfect!


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