I Don’t Need to Hide From You

Hide - Copy (3)Today I heard a song that spoke into the places of my heart that have been crying out to God.

Those places where I KNOW the enemy has been whispering lies. Lies that cause doubt and tell me I am unworthy. Lies that say I am not enough, God can’t use me.

You know the lies my sweet sister’s don’t you? We all have them, we all hear them. Sometimes they come boldly and we fight them off with truth.

Other times, when our defenses are down they come creeping in and get ahold of us before we realize it.

This is where I have been.

I haven’t kept my defenses up. I have allowed the enemy to breach a part of my wall that I haven’t been diligent to keep strong.

Yesterday the word God had for me came from Heb 10:35-36 that reminded me that I NEED patient endurance. I need to remember that my confidence comes from the very One who created me to do His good will.

My confidence is in Christ who remains faithful. It is in Him I have hope. (Heb 10:23)

How did that affect my thinking? It was a wonderful reminder that I am to patiently endure that which He has called me to do. I am to walk in the hope of an eternal reward. I walk based on the truth I KNOW not what I feel and certainly not what the enemy would like me to believe.

Truth is – God created me for a purpose and He has given me everything I need to do that which He has called me to do.

Truth is – He knows me inside and outside. He knows my heart, my mind, my passions and desires and HE LOVES ME. And while there are times I do need to hide my heart from others, I never ever have to hide from Him.


Today these words from a song worked to reinforce that which God has been speaking…

You don’t have to prove yourself you are already mine. You don’t don’t have to hide your heart, I already love you and I hold it in mine. So You don’t have to work so hard ….just rest easy

Maybe you also find yourself working too hard to prove you are worthy of His love…I pray this song might speak to your heart also.


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