It’s Hallowed, not Hollowed

new_Isaiah_6-3“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Matt 6:9

As I read this verse, the first sentence of what is commonly known as “The Lord’s Prayer” I was struck by the reminder that many today no longer understand what HALLOW means.

Hallow means to make holy, to sanctify, to consecrate. We are to give His name honor or to consider it sacred. Holy.

Sadly in the world today His name is is treated anything but holy or sacred. His name has become hollow, not hallowed.

Hollow means without real or significant worth; meaningless. It’s what happens when we misuse His name. Take it in vain. Or to make it common and without honor.

I wonder how many times a day we I hollow His name instead of hallow? When I speak of Him is it in a way that brings Him glory? Or do I treat it in a way that lowers it to where it becomes meaningless?

For example what about the often use of OMG. Whether we are writing it or saying it what does it mean? Why is it used? Does it bring God any glory? Does it honor Him?

This is just one example but how often do you hear, see it, or use it. Often, if ever is it being used to bring honor to His name or character. So why would a believer use it?

What about our actions and attitudes? Do they bring glory and honor to His name? If we claim the name of Christ then our actions should bring worth to His name, not make it worthless.

My dear sisters may we consider our words and our actions this week. May we live a life and speak words that bring glory and honor to His name.

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