Return to Me My beloved


return to meMy dear child, I remember how eager you were to please me when you first came to salvation. How you loved me and and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about me. There was such joy and excitement in your heart.

You were willing to follow Me anywhere, even into the desert or the darkest valley. You would shout from the mountains how I had led you through barren land, darkness, death, pain, and sorrow. You would proclaim my name and give Me praise for leading you from bondage to freedom.

You began living a fruitful life, filled with so many of my blessings. Such joy showed on your face! Our worship time, both publicly and private was precious. You were seeking my kingdom above all else and all those around you wanted what you had.

But my most beloved child, your heart began to wander. You began to take notice of the world around you. You began to listen to the voices of others.

Now you defile your body and bow to idols. You chase after other gods and you have forgotten me. Your houses, and closets are filled with things that will not fill your heart. You have taken your eyes of the eternal and now look to the temporal.

My Father’s heart is grieved because my children have forgotten me. You have forgotten that it is I that can fill you with a living water that never runs dry. Instead of coming to me you fill yourself with things that do not satisfy.

Now your hearts and lives are lived in bondage to this world and the flesh, but you do not see it.

Do you not remember that I set you free? I broke your chain of slavery to the flesh when I died for you.

Do you not remember the covenant you made with me when you bowed your knee at the cross? I promised you a life of freedom, not without cost, but a life filled with Me. You said you believed upon me and wanted all I had to offer. You promised to live a life of obedience to Me.

But you have broken our covenant. You have prostituted yourself to the desires of this world. You run after that which is corrupt. You may think that you haven’t done these things but just stop and take an honest look at your life.

What are your priorities? Do you worship Me above all else? Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness? Or is your life too full to fit me in?

You complain that you are tired and weary and yet you are not willing to make the necessary changes. You continue to chase after bigger houses, expensive cars, closets full of designer clothes, lavish vacations, bigger TV’s, the newest gadgets. Tell me, Are you happy with all these things? Do they bring deep long lasting pleasure?

O My beloved children, come back to me! Turn from the idols that have a hold of your heart. Bow to me and me alone.

Return to the cross and remember the covenant that was made. Humble your heart before me, cleanse your minds and hearts of the things of this world.

Return to Me My beloved….

I have swept away your sins like the morning mists. I have scattered your offenses like the clouds. Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.

Isaiah 44:22


(I’ve been reading Jeremiah and today after reading chapter 4 this just poured out of me.)

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