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Fullscreen capture 11162011 63505 AMDifferent times of the year bring different things to mind.  In February we think about love, May brings the changing seasons and thoughts of outdoor fun, August reminds us the school is going to start soon, but November is special.  In November we are reminded to be thankful.  It's not about our plans or what we want, but a time to be reminded of how much we already have.

I remember seeing the old movie 'Pollyanna' in school.  If you haven't seen it, the story is about a little girl who chooses to see the good in everything.  That movie made a big impression on me, and I've always tried (but don't always succeed) to look for the positive.

I think being thankful is very similar.  It seems that no matter what the situation, there is always something you can find to be thankful about.

Do you know who is best at this?  It seems to be those who by outward appearances have the least to be thankful for.  I've been able to care for several young people who were dying.  They consistently thanked God for the way He worked in their life, thanking Him for each new day and the different ways He cared for them as they went through this process.  What a reminder to those of us who take so much for granted!

As this month comes to an end, and we start concentrating on the busyness that the Christmas season brings, remind yourself of the many ways God has blessed you and keep a thankful spirit through the year, not just for one season!


MaryMari is a mom and Grandma. She has been married for over 30 years and works as a nurse at a long term care center.

Every time I visit her she is such a blessing to me – even if I don’t always let her know! I encourage you to visit her too by clicking the link. My Little Corner of the World. While you are there you should check out her other blogs too. She has some delicious recipes to share, I have make quite a few of them and they are always delicious!

Thank you Mari for joining us!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Sharon! You are a blessing to me as well and I don't always let you know either. :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


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