Just Being Thankful

My life has never been my own, I do know this truth. So often I can have a momentary lapse of forgetfulness. I run ahead on the path set before me. Impatient. The walking seems too slow.

I am often just like a child on a path taking a stroll with his parents, I run ahead. “Hurry up I call back!” My Father gentle says, “My beloved you need to slow down. You are missing all I have to show you. And besides you’ve never walked this path before and don’t understand the dangers ahead.”

I know He is speaking truth. I have run ahead before and been hurt. I have found myself in places that seemed dark and scary because I have run so far ahead that I can’t see my Father any longer.

I turn and run back to the safety of His hand holding my hand. I allow my Father to set the pace for the journey I am on. After all He has been here before, He knows what is ahead.

Lead me Father in Your purposes for me.


I realize it’s been a few days since I have written. I hadn’t planned for it to be so long since my last post, but God has had other plans. I’ve had some health issues. Nothing serious at this point. Just a lot of testing. I have found myself thankful for know that my God is in control. I trust that He will give wisdom to those who will read the test, for the doctors and lab technicians.

I am thankful that God is sovereign and that nothing can touch me apart from Him. He watches over me and will never leave me. I am thankful He is ALWAYS here and nothing surprises Him, He is never caught off guard.

You will NEVER hear God saying, “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming!” (lol)

May we find something to be thankful in each moment of the day as we walk with a God who never surprised by life’s little “surprises”.

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