Every Woman….

I know it will come as a total shock to some, but I don’t have it all together. I am not perfect. Not even close.

I apologize to those of you who think I am. You must think I am, for so often when I fall you gasp and point. You whisper behind my back. I don’t get a second chance. There is no grace.

You see, I am human just like you. I have feelings and emotions that sometimes gets the best of me and I behave badly. I have hurts and failures that cause me to think wrong. I make mistakes, say the wrong thing or say it at the wrong time in the wrong way.

If you would take the time to know me, to sit with me and allow me to share my heart you would see someone different.

But you would have to sit and listen without prejudice and with grace.

You would then see a woman who is just trying to do the very best she can. A woman who desires to follow God, live a life obedient to her Lord. She is praying that God would create in her the woman He created her to be. You would see a woman who loves deeply and wants to be loved in returned.

Oh I know that sometimes I can put up a wall that seems unbreakable. Sometimes it just goes up out of habit, I don’t mean to keep you out. I bet if you smiled or gave me a hug it would some tumbling down.

But then you have your insecurities too. What if I would reject you? Could your heart handle it?

Every woman has insecurities. She has walls that have been built. Hurts that keep them from reaching out with loving arms. Forgiving arms.

We need to have arms that will embrace our sisters. To love them and take the time to know them.  When we see a sister fall we need to help her up not push her over the edge. And while we might laugh at that statement the sad thing is we all know it happens.

Lets all take the time to know one another better and assume the best of one another. Let’s choose to love, to forgive, and offer grace.

As women lets love one another as Christ commanded. Let’s love others as we would want them to love us.

Let’s walk hand in hand and help each other to become the women God wants us to be. To be the women we want to be.

Let us remind one another who we are in Christ. That we won’t always behave perfectly but our Father in heaven does see us as holy through His Son Jesus. And let us remind each other that we are a work in progress and our Father in heaven has promised that He will finish the work He began.

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