5 Reasons I love Christmas

Peggy was such a sweetie for passing on me to so many awards. I've been so busy I almost missed them! I'll get around to the rest of them, but since I do indeed LOVE Christmas I thought I'd start with this one.

So here are the rules.

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5 things I LOVE about Christmas.
PhotobucketGod sent His Son so that I might know His Son and by knowing the Son I know my FAther and have eternal life.
PhotobucketChristmas reminds me of the worship of those that came to see the new born Son of God. He was worthy of worship then and even more so now.
PhotobucketChristmas gives me a reason to think about those I love and giving gifts to them that express my love. In order to give a really good gift you have to know the one to whom you are giving and how it will touch their heart!It really has very little to do with the actual worth of the gift-it's the thought and love that goes into it. I love thinking and planning about giving gifts!!
PhotobucketChrist came to share His Fathers love to us, so Christmas reminds me that I too need to share the love of my Father to those around me - including "the least of these".
PhotobucketI LOVE spending time with family and friends. When friends gather to laugh and connect on the basis of their love of God that is truly a wonderful thing. There are those that I pray I will be able to share special moments with during this Christmas season. They are family to me and when God gives you treasured family there is no better gift.

It is my priviledge to pass this Christmas cheer to all my followers. I love you all.


  1. What a great award. Congratulations to you! The reasons you listed are wonderful reasons for loving Christmas.

  2. Beautiful Spirit of Christmas my friend! I knew that you were the right person for this AWARD just because I wanted to see these beautiful reasons! You never disappoint, Sharon! Congratulations & many blessings on your wonderful
    reasons that you LOVE Christmas!

    I love each one but the one that impresses me the most is:"Christ came to share His Fathers love to us, so Christmas reminds me that I too need to share the love of my Father to those around me - including "the least of these"."

    This truly is the Love that God has placed in you & His sweet Spirit alive through you! Bless your season & your preparation for the celebration of Our King!

  3. Congrats my friend! I love your five reasons you love Christmas! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the one about giving gifts. I so agree that it has little to do with the gift itself, but what is behind it in knowing the person and what they need or want. Blessing others is a way that Christ's love flows out of us. When I'm not in a "gift giving" mood, or think it just a "have to" or find myself thinking of reasons not to give gifts (they already have so much, they don't really need it, it's not really worth much, etc) then I'm missing the point. Giving to others is an act of love and I pray that comes out of an overflow of Christ's work in me.
    Good reminder as I finish my last Christmas shopping and start the wrapping...I think I'll pray for each one as I wrap their gift.

  5. I am thinking on the reasons I love Christmas and I'm not so sure if there is any reason to love Christmas outside of Christ's gift of eternal life, peace, joy and satisfaction. I'll spend some time pondering.

    Thanks for sharing.


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