Thankful for His Word

PhotobucketGod’s word is ALIVE! When I open it it’s not just a bunch of meaningless words written on a page. These are the very written words of God! These words speak truth into my heart of who God is. When I first began to study God’s word for myself it was as if my whole world changed. I have grown more over the last 5 years than my entire Christian life! Why? I have sought the word of God with all my heart. I seek it as if there was buried treasure, because there is!

One of my favorite Chapters in the Bible is Psalms 119, while this chapter tells us many things the one thing it consistently points us to is God’s Word. This chapter tells us that those who are righteous will walk according to the word, they will seek it with their heart. They will meditate on His precepts and regard His ways. They will delight in his statutes and shall not forget His word. They will be strengthened according to His word. They long for His precepts. They trust in His word. His word is their delight. They would have perished without His Word! Oh how they love His law, It is their meditation all the day! There is so much more in just this chapter, but I will stop there.

Oh I pray you hear the passions, desire and love in my heart when I say to you (and myself) that we will never ever be the victoriously whole daughters our Father desires for us unless we hunger and thirst after the knowledge of who He is. And that knowledge only comes by KNOWING for yourself the words that He speaks to you.
We must begin to pray for a desire to be in His word on a daily basis. Not just to casually study it, but to KNOW it and be obedient to it. I realize that this next part may upset some of you, but please trust that I speak it from a heart of love. There are no excuses to not be in the word of God. Not if you truly desire to have a relationship with Him. We find time to do that which we want to do, so if you aren’t spending time digging into God’s word for yourself it is because you are choosing not to.

Our time with God is of utmost important, but it also shouldn’t be done out of guilt or obligation. There are days that I miss good quality time in the Word. But when that happens- I MISS IT!!! I can’t wait to get back to it! I want more and my spirit is longing for that connection with God. So I try not to let more than a day or two pass without spending a good chunk of time with Him. IF I have to I get up earlier. I’ll schedule it. If I have several really busy days planned and I know I won’t get more than a few minutes in the Word then I will schedule a time on my calendar and schedule an hour or two. Ladies I can hear the but…you don’t understand my schedule. And you are right, but I do understand that God longs to connect with your heart. I know that you and you alone have control over what gets placed on your calendar and what doesn’t.

O God continue to give me a hunger and thirst for You and Your Word. Father I want to know who you are in an ever deepening way, not so I can be puffed up by knowledge but so that I can understand my Father in Heaven. Father help me to also be about Your will so that others will be able to see you living in me. Father I want my life to be a living sacrifice to You. Use me as you will...


  1. Well said. I find myself looking in different Bibles quite often to see what new things I come up with in His word. I use the NIV, the Message, KJV, etc. Sometimes I like to read the Christian apologetics version online.

  2. I love Psalm 119 too. I love everything about you - especially what you wrote here about God's Word. Right on sister! Right on...

  3. I could not agree with you more, we have to spend time in the Word if we want to know God and have a relationship with Him. God has given me that hunger and thirst for Him and His Word, and I can say that nothing satisfies like time spent with Him in His Holy Word. I consistently get up early before my family everyday just to see what He has to say to me that day, it is sooo exciting!


  4. Very True. We make the time for what we want to make time for. This is my prayer as well. To desire Him more, seek Him more, and grow closer to Him.

  5. What is so very important to remember is that Christ IS THE WORD made flesh. It's not first and foremost about getting into the Word for the sake of the word. It's about going to Christ. We go to God's word with the purpose of coming to Him.
    This season of my life- a 3 week old, 15 month old, 29 month old, and 6 year old- I am VERY AWARE of my need for Christ, and that makes me run to His word. :)
    It's easy to "get busy" but, if I have so much to do and so many things that are so important, how much MORE I need to run to Christ in His Word!
    Thanks for reminding us to dig deep for ourselves.
    And thanks for your comment...I was laughing out loud at the bear thing. :)


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