A Burdened Heart

 My heart has been so heavy. It’s been burdened by so many things. Today it has felt like too much. I can’t carry all this weight. The weight of my own failure in so many areas. The weight of my sin, the sin of others and those who have been sinned against. My heart cries out for God to heal, to restore, to unite and to make things right and holy. I know I am powerless to fix anything and yet my heart aches for answers. For restoration of brothers and sisters. 

Come to me all who are weary and burdened…yes Jesus, I come to You and lays all the things at your feet. They are too heavy for me. And besides, I was never meant to carry them anyway. 

Jesus it’s your burden, you’ve promised to carry it. You will do the work necessary in order to lead those who come to You  You are the one who convicts of sin and heals the unrighteous. 

Oh help me to remember I only need to carry your yoke which is easy and light compared to the burden you carry for us all. Help me be obedient to the God I love. Who willingly carried the burden of my sin. 


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