He Sees Me. I am Known.

Today I want to remind you (and me) that you have not been forgotten. You are not invisible. You have a God who sees you and knows you.  He knows everything about you. He knows your thoughts, desires and He knows the depths of your heart. He sees your past, your present and your future. There is nothing about you that God does not know. There is nothing about you that is hidden from Him. (Psalm 139:2)

he sees meAnd YOU are greatly rejoiced over. You are loved. (Zephaniah 3:17) Even when you were unlovely He called you His Beloved. Even when you were a sinner He died for you. (Roman 5:8 )

I know some days you struggle to remember WHOSE you are and just how much He loves you. There are so many messages that play over and over in your mind. Lies the world has told you. Lies you tell yourself. But that is just it, they are lies. Truth only comes from His words. He can be trusted. He alone speaks the truth of who you are.

Sweet girl I know it’s hard. Oh the lies seem so strong some days telling you that you are not enough, you’ll never be enough. Lies that tell you that you are a failure as a mom, a wife, and a woman. But in those moments you must cling to Jesus and the truth He speaks over you.

You are His. You are loved. You are precious. You are beautiful. You are enough. He loves you. He made you. And there is nothing about you that surprises Him. Nothing. Did you hear that? He created you and knew you before the foundations of the world and He knew who you would be today this very minute and still He choose to die for you. He choose to make you His beloved. (Ps 139:13-14)

So today hold on to truth sweet girl. Hold on to the One who is merciful, loving and faithful toward you. (Ps 86:15) The One whose love toward you is ever lasting. (Jer 31:3)


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  1. Wonderful post sister friend!!! Thanks for the encouragement!! ♥

    1. Thank you Dixie! So glad you stopped in for a visit!


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