Did My Life Make a Difference in 2014?

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It’s really hard to believe that 2014 is almost over. The years really do fly by, especially the older you get. But what has hit me even harder this particular year is just how fast my life has gone. Truly it is just a small blip on a radar screen. It causes me to stop and think about what I’ve accomplished, not just this year but for the past 50 plus years.

I’ve been asking myself questions like, “Have I made a difference in my little world of influence?” “Am I doing what God has called me to do?” “Has my life mattered?” And so many more questions that I know are not unique to my mind. Questions that cause me to pause, look back, and ask God to help me see truth. It would be easy to look at all the negative effects of my life, to look at the mistakes and failures. We seem to see them much easier than the good we’ve accomplished.

One way God answered that prayer was to arrange a lunch meeting with 3 women who have been apart of my life for a long time. Two of them I had in youth group about 20 years ago. God reminded me through them that I have made a difference. I have had an influence and continue to have influence in the lives of young women and young moms.

I suppose the doubts come in when my life doesn’t look like I think it should. Or how others SAY it should. My influence isn’t always a clos, long mentoring relationship or in-depth discipleship. But it is speaking truth into the hearts and lives of those that call me for advice, or who send a email with a cry for help. It’s living my life the best I know how, seeking God and living out the truth before others. Not perfectly, but honestly. It’s loving my family well. It’s speaking truth and writing truth regardless of whether or not I feel like I am making a difference.

Another place God showed me that I can make a difference is my blog. My written words. Granted, it’s not as popular as some. But I do have a lot of readers. I have readers from Ukraine, Russia, and China which are my highest countries behind the USA. I still find that SO amazing. In fact in the last few months Russia and Ukraine have been higher than my United States readers. I always wanted to be a missionary and maybe I am, but just not the way I thought I would be!

Maybe my tiny little blog does make a difference. Maybe it does touch hearts and make the reader pause and think. Perhaps as I share my struggles in the pursuit of holiness that others realize they are not so alone. Perhaps they see that no matter how hard life gets, no matter how alone we feel  that they can have joy in Christ Jesus. Maybe I have made a small difference in the lives of others in 2014.

As I close this year I thought I’d share my top 10 blog post of 2014. While there are other posts I may have thought were better these are the ones that were most read by my readers. And because they were the most read in 2014 I also have to assume that these are the words that God used to touch the lives of those I will never meet, or never know and yet we have been connected to by the power of words.

I really need to remember that the power of words can make a difference no matter how insignificant the writer may feel. I need to remember that when all else is stripped away I really only write for an audience of ONE and He shall choose how and when to use the words He gives.


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2. Why We Need the Older Generation 

1. The Sin of Selfishness (this one also made the top five most clicked on since I began blogging!!)

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