Oh God, I Wish…

I wish my thoughts were always filled with what is good and pleasing.  I wish I didn’t have to fight so many lies. But I am grateful for Your truth. I am grateful to have Your Spirit inside me that helps me to remember and know truth.

I wishI wish I did not have to live with chronic pain every single day. I wish I could do all things things people expects me to do. But I am grateful for Your strength and grace to do that which you have called me to do.

I wish there were no prejudice in the world, especially in the church. I wish all people regardless of race, social, educational  or economical status were given equal opportunities. But I am grateful that You see the amazing diversity of all people and willingly use us in furthering Your kingdom.

I wish I was bolder in standing up for what is right and true. I wish I could, in love, speak out against the injustice I see in the world and in the church. I am grateful that You continually give me greater courage to speak. I am grateful that You are teaching me when to speak up, when to remain quiet and when to pray.

I wish Your children didn’t hurt one another. I wish we were better examples to the world for Your gospels sake. But I am grateful that You do not give up on us. I am grateful there is forgiveness, love and mercy which You willingly pour out upon us.

Oh God, I wish … I wish for heaven on earth. I am grateful that I have the promise of heaven to look forward to. I am grateful for the hope of heaven when all these things will no longer be wishes.

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