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Pile of BooksI was reminded of something recently. Too many times I can allow what I do not know to keep me from sharing what I do know. What I fail to remember is that I am simply as resource to be used by the hand of God’s Spirit. It is God who knows all things. He is the source of all truth, wisdom and knowledge. He doesn’t expect me to know everything about what I am teaching or speaking about. He only desires that I am obedient to share the truth I know. It is God who will then fill in the gaps. He will make sure my children, those I mentor, teach or lead.

Acts 18:24-28; 19:1-7
In Acts 18:24 and 25 we are introduced to Apollos. He is an eloquent man, which means that he is skilled in speech, a man skilled in literature and the arts, versed in history and the antiquities. We are also told that he is “mighty in the scriptures” which tells us that he is strong in soul, strong in Christian virtue and excels in what he does. Scripture also tells us that Apollos was taught in the way of the Lord and then taught what he knew with zeal and fervor. He taught carefully and thoroughly about the Lord. At the end of verse of 25 we read that while he was teaching accurately the things of Christ he was only acquainted with the baptism of John. He was only familiar with the baptism of repentance and not the return of Christ or the Holy Spirit.

God sent Priscilla and Aquila to him so that they could explain to him the way of God more accurately. I love His attitude. Instead of thinking he alread had sufficient knowledge he had a heart that was teachable. Due to Apollo’s teachable heart he gained greater knowledge of the things of God.

What I find helpful to remember is that God used Apollos mightily even though he didn’t have full knowledge, there were parts missing so to speak in what he taught. In God’s timing He showed Apollos what was lacking. Then continued using him to speak powerfully against the Jews and to those who had believed by grace.

In chapter 19 God has Paul pass through Ephesus and Paul is able to teach the disciples there about the Holy Spirit. Paul teaches them what Apollos lacked to teach.

Awesome Encouragement!

As a mom, mentor or leader I am encouraged that the things I don’t know or have failed to teach, due to lack of full understanding of truth, He will send those to teach what I did not know. One of my biggest regrets is seeing those I failed because I did not know how to parent in the most biblical way. But God will send those people into the lives of my children to build upon what I already accurately taught them.

God will also send those to speak into my life and heart the things I do not yet understand. It is important to always have a teachable spirit. If I do not have a teachable heart and think I know it all (pride) then my usefulness to God will decrease.

Don’t you find such freedom in this! You do not need to worry about making sure you do everything absolutely perfect. All you need to do is be obedient to what He calls you to. You can teach, lead, and train your children with the knowledge God has given you now. While leading and training remain open to the teaching of those older and wiser and be teachable by them. Then you need to trust in the sovereign God who will send others to “fill in” the spiritual gaps you have left.

Oh Father thank you for continuing to use me even though there are so many areas of inadequacies. I thank you for the knowledge you have already given me. Help me to keep a soften heart toward those you send to continue to teach me. Father help me to have a heart of humility that knows I still have so much to learn. Help me to see those areas where I may be sincere but don't understand the full truth of your Word.  Amen.

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