The Joy of Discovery


Several years ago my husband and I went to Sedona, AZ. I had seen pictures of the area and it looked beautiful. The various colors and shapes of the landscape was amazing. But when we arrived in Sedona I quickly realized that no picture truly did justice to magnificent beautiful of those red rock mountains.

To stand in the midst of the mountains and see, smell and hear the landscape for myself was awe-inspiring. I couldn’t help but worship my Creator God. The one who painted the colors of all that lay before me.

Oh the JOY of discovery such beauty for myself. Photographs give us a second hand experience.  They capture what the photographer saw, what she experienced. And while it may be beautiful you haven’t experienced the joy of the experience for yourself.

God’s word is like that also. Sermons, Bible Studies, devotionals, conferences and the like are wonderful experiences and we gain much from them. But we are only experiencing what they have already discovered. We are seeing truth through their eyes, their experiences. In a sense it is second hand knowledge and while it is still truth and we can learn from it what we have missed is the joy of discovering truth for ourselves.

You might wonder if it really matters how we get the truth as long as it’s truth. It’s a good question. The answer is YES! There is something totally life changing about studying the Word of God and experiencing the truth of His words as HE reveals it to you. It’s personal. He speaks to you in a personal ways opening up hidden truth and treasures in a way that transforms your life.

Imagine the God of the universe, the One Eternal God sitting down with you and opening up the truth of the scriptures to you personally. Truth is revealed, not through someone else’s experience of study but your own study.

When I began to study the word of God on my own I began to see scriptures come alive. There was an excitement and a hunger to know more about God. Reading the Bible was no longer dry or boring, but fascinating and my desire to study grew.

Oh how I wish you were sitting here with me and could see the joy on my face. And hear the excitement in my voice as I talk about the Word of God and experiencing the truth of it! Oh how I want to grab you by the hands, jump up and down shouting we GET TO study God’s word for ourselves!!

We GET TO know God!! Not what others are learning but what God is teaching us about Him! Don’t you find that so totally amazing!!

Oh I do! Not only is it amazing it’s totally life changing!


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