Girl, Let’s Raise the Roof

women-laughingBe glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous ones ; And shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.  Psalms 32:11

When was the last time you just laughed? For some of you the answer is easy for it happens often. But for those who tend to be deep thinkers or serious types the answer might be a bit harder. If you take life too serious it’s often hard to laugh about it. 

Being married to my husband has taught me to see the lighter side of things. When we were first married most of our arguments centered on him not being serious enough! Through the years I have learned the importance of taking the time to laugh – I mean really laugh. To share joyful times together.

But lately I have forgotten. I don’t laugh much anymore. I don’t know exactly why. I mean really life is too serious, who has time to laugh? Who has time to sit with a friend, a child or your husband with the purpose of just sharing joy in one another?

Life is too busy for joy! Okay, so maybe not but it does often appear that way.

But I wonder – what was Jesus like? He was busy. He had a very serious mission. He was single-minded in His purpose. He knew what His Father had called him to and was very serious about saving and setting free mankind. But do you think He ever laughed? Did Jesus and His followers ever just sit around the fire and rejoice in one another?

I’d like to think so. In fact did you know that the word joy is in the Bible over 170 times and rejoice is in their over 145 times? I didn’t do an in-depth study of them all but did read over many of them. Most often we are reminded that we are to have joy in the Lord and rejoice TOGETHER over what He has done in our lives. We are to encourage, and share our joy together.

So when I say when was the last time you just had fun, I do mean when was the last time you raised the roof with a girlfriend over what God was doing in your life? When was the last time you celebrated with someone over what God was teaching you?

I could be wrong for I honestly haven’t really studied this, but I don’t think God intended us to be all serious about our work and not celebrate all He is doing. It’s time to laugh, to rejoice in what God has done in our lives. Let us celebrate together.

I have forgotten.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to just sit with a sister and share in the joy of what God is doing in our lives. The reality is life’s circumstances has made it difficult to connect, to share, and to celebrate together.

I think it’s time to find the time again.

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