The Joy of my Heart

Ps 119_111

I was praying through Psalms yesterday and was struck anew by the realization that our joy comes from knowing God and obeying His word.

We are reminded that it’s God’s commandment that make us wiser than our enemies.

We also read that we can have more insight than our teachers and understand more than the aged. Our feet will be retrained from doing evil.


God Himself will teach us. It’s His word that gives us understanding. His word shines brightly so we can see the path before us.

It’s God’s WORD that brings joy to the heart!

Is God’s Word the joy of your heart? Do you find joy in obeying His commandment? His precepts?

Spend time today praying through Psalms 119:97-112 and ask God renew your joy for his word so that His word would be a sweet taste, sweeter than honey, to your mouth!


Today I’m joining….



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