Don’t Lose the True Gospel

100_4070John sends a letter to the church. A church that is in danger of being deceived.

A church that is in danger of losing sight of what the gospel of Christ has already accomplished.

As I read this letter it’s easy to hear the depth of John’s love for “the lady and her children”. You hear his desire for them to stand firm, to abide in the truth that they have been taught. It brings joy to his heart that some are them continue to walk in truth. He encourages them to keeping walking in love for one another. Walk according to the commandments that they have heard from the beginning.

Why does he encourage them to abide in truth? To love one another? To walk in His commandments?

For the same reasons we need the reminders.

There are those among us who want to deceive. They do not acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh. They do not abide in Christ. They preach another gospel.

There are those that come among us, sent by our common enemy in order to deceive us from the true gospel of Christ. They do not have God.

John warns them the watch that they don’t lose what has been accomplished already by Christ among them. He wants them to receive their full reward, and not to forget the TRUTH which abides IN them.

John goes so far to even say that they should not receive or even greet those who do not bring the true teachings of Christ. Be careful who you allow to fellowship among you. Make sure they are walking according to the truth of God’s commands.

What about us? As I read this one thought that came to mind was WHO do I allow among me? What “preachers” “teachers” or “authors” do I allow in my home?

Do they preach the truth? Is it a watered down gospel? Is is a grace only gospel?

Watch yourselves, be careful that you don’t allow someone to come in and draw you away from the true gospel of Christ.

Read I John 1:-1-13


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  1. It is so important that we know God's word so that we do not allow ourselves to be deceived. There are so many false teachings.
    I'd love you to link this up to my blog hop today called On your heart Tuesdays.

  2. Satan is getting better and better at deceiving.
    I have several of my children, who were raised in the truth and light, choose to heed the Deceiver. They have forgotten Christ and my heart is grieved. But with love and Christ, there is always hope!

    Visiting from On your Heart Tuesday Hop!
    Becky Jane


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