Remind Me Again Who I am?

There are many days that I forget who I am. It’s easy to believe the lies others have whispered in my ears.

Lies like, You will never be enough. You aren’t pretty enough. You are a failure. God can’t use you. You aren’t lovable. You are stupid. No one really likes you.

Then there are those who ignore you or laugh at you. They speak lies about you and gossip about you. They make fun of you, stomp all over your emotions and just plain hurt you.

What is even harder, I think, is when it come from family, Christians or those who are suppose to be our friends. The enemy sees and hears this and just loves to use it all against us.

This is my battle, my struggle. As I grow closer to my God and understand who I am in Him and who He is I do find myself growing stronger. I am able to stand on truth, on the truth of who I am in Christ.

But my dear sisters it’s hard. It’s hard because it’s everywhere. It’s in the world and in the church. Our enemy is loving it too!

I pray that you hear what I am about to say! Please believe me when I say that we all struggle with this. We all forget from time to time. Don’t let others or our common enemy let you think for even a moment that you are weak or immature in your walk just because you need a reminder of who you are!

We NEED reminders. I NEED REMINDERS!!! I have dear sisters who will remind me of who I am in Christ. They remind me of the woman I am becoming and if I need it they will even remind me how much they love me!

It is OKAY to need reminding. It’s okay that we forget! God will remind us when you forget! He will remind us through His word, His people, through so many things.

Just today my thinking began to go all wrong and just at that time the radio played “Remind Me Who I am” by Jason Gray and I was reminded. I was reminded that I am loved by my Father. I am His beloved. He does not ignore me nor does He forget me.

Trust me when I say that our Father does not mind us running to Him and ask, “Father remind me of who I am. Remind me that You love me.” What parent wouldn’t delight in reminding their child of how precious they are, how loved they are and no matter how often that child needed reminding we would gladly tell them.


I am the one He loves and He delights to remind me. I belong to Him, I am His Beloved daughter. This is the truth I will stand on.

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  1. Love this!!! So often we believe the lies of satan that we are not good enough, a failure, a nobody. But we are His. We are children of the Most High King! Praise God!!


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