Ps 63-2 (800x533) (640x426)


I thirst for you God, in a dry, empty land where there is no water….

where are those who refresh my soul?

I search for you..

a desert place of rock and little shade

I wait for you…

Come fill my soul, my heart, my life

with Your refreshing Spirit.




  1. Thirsting for more of Him is exactly where I find myself. Beautiful photo. Happy WFW!

  2. AMEN and many blessings Sharon,

    Beautiful words and cry in the desert! May you flourish and be filled!

    It's has been far too long since I have been here and such a fresh new look of rich loving touch! I enjoy and have starred many of your writings in my Google Reader but just do not get over here to let you know how your words inspire and cause me to ponder. Even your photo looks young and radiant! You and your written words always have a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing! I didn't know you do WFW!
    I'll be watching for you. I came here and left and then checked my GR and found out this was you so I came back! You always fill my cup with God's sweet love. Praying if you find yourself in a desert (besides the Phoenix one) that God will pour into today and speak rivers of living water.

    Peace and JOY,

  3. This is so beautiful! Happy Word filled Wednesday!

  4. so fitting for summer when thirst seems to be unquenchable!
    Great post!


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