Laying Self Aside

death to self

When we enter into a covenant relationship with Christ we take off our robe of filthy rags and Christ gives us a brand new robe. A robe that is spotless. A robe of righteousness. (2 Cor 5:21)

We die to self and PUT ON Christ. (Gal 3:27; Rom 13:14)

I often forget that I am wearing a robe of righteousness. I forget I am clothed with Christ. I forget that I am hidden WITH Christ IN God. (Col 3:3) I forget that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old self has passed away and I am to become new.

The problem is that in order to put to death the old me and live a life worthy of the Lord, I must walk intentionally. To walk intentionally means that I will desire to please God above all else. My life and good works will bear fruit. And my knowledge of God will increase. (Col 1:10)

To lay aside me and my desires, my rights, and my life I will realize that apart from God’s power and glorious might working in me I will never die to self. It is God who rescues me from the domain of darkness (old me) and transfers me to the Kingdom of His Beloved Son. (new me) (Col 1:11-14; Rom 13:12)

Paul in Eph 4:1 implores me to walk in a manner worthy of the calling I have been called to. Again, it’s a call to intentionally living for Christ, not for myself.

This kind of living isn’t easy, it requires work. It means that I will evaluate every thought, attitude and action in light of the Word of God. It means that instead of just living the day taking whatever path I choose I will walk with God in obedience. I will set my mind on heavenly things and not allow the things of earth to influence my walk.

To live intentionally for Christ I will be compassionate, kind, gentle, patience and forgiving. I will let the peace of Christ rule in my heart. (Col 3:12)

To lay me aside and put on Christ requires the power of God working in me. It means I will imitate God, to live as His beloved child and walk in obedience to Him each and every day.

Lord Jesus may my life be a fragrant aroma as I daily lay aside me and wear your robe of righteousness. I can not do this apart from YOU. I can not do this without being in Your Word and choosing to lay aside “deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” Rom 13:12


  1. Beautiful post. I love how that even if I sometimes forget I am wearing a robe of righteousness and clothed with Christ, that God doesn't.
    And what a great reminder of how intentional my walk must be.

  2. Sharon, great post and great reminder. really! Be blessed, Chanin

  3. Amen! I am encouraged by your post this day. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


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