Wrapped in a New Robe


Jonathan removed his robe of royalty and gave it to David. At first glance it might not seem that big of a gesture, but Jonathan was son of a King and David a shepherd.

God had already chosen David to be king, but did Jonathan know? Did Jonathan give his robe to show that he knew? The text doesn’t say, but what we do know is that God knit their hearts together. A covenant was made. A robe given along with his armor, sword, bow and belt. These were a sign of their covenant. A covenant made before God. (1 Samuel 16:10–13; 17:57-18:4)

There is another robe that was worn by royalty. A robe that will be placed on everyone who enters into a covenant with Jesus Christ.

Those that come to the cross and “pass through” the blood sacrifice of Jesus enter into a covenant with Him. When you do He wraps you in a robe of righteousness and clothes you with garments of salvation. (Is 61:10)

I am now being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of Christ. (Col 3:10) My mind is being renewed and I am being made new.(Eph 4:23-24) I am clothed WITH Christ. (Gal 3:27)

But wait! Not only have I put on Christ, He took on my robe of humanity so He could die in my place. He became sin. He put on MY sin. He put on MY ugly, filthy, ratty robe so that I could put on His robe of righteousness! (2Cor 5:21)

Why would He do this? Why would He give up His throne to come to earth in human form in order to die for me? Because He loved me (John 3:16) and I could not do it on my own. I had nothing to offer, my blood sacrifice would not be enough. It would take His blood, His precious blood which was pure and without sin, to be shed for my sin.

He put on my filthy rags so that I might be able to put on His robe of  righteousness.

If this is true and I ( WE) now wear a robe of righteousness then why do we so often walk around with our heads down low as if we are still wearing rags of filth? Why are we so easily defeated and lead astray?

Do we just simply forget? Or do we put on the robe but forget to take up the armor? Ephesians 6:13 says that we are to take up the full armor of God SO THAT you WILL be able to resist the evil of this world and stand firm.

Did you catch that? You are to TAKE UP the armor of God. You are to put it on and then know how to use it. Why? So that you WILL be able to resist and stand firm.

We will never be able to battle the enemy who constantly wants us to feel as if we are still in our filthy rags if we do not PUT ON the armor of God.

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  1. Great words. He puts His robe on us...but we must take up His armor!


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