Thankful for My Husband

Today we celebrated 26 years of marriage. As I looked at my husband I still wonder why he chose me. I did not make it easy for him, and there was nothing particularly lovely about me during those years. I was lost, broken, and believed I was unloveable. Yet this man saw through the brokeness, the pain, and the walls and saw the woman he knew I would be. He has been patient, loving, forgiving and encouraging as I have walked a journey of healing and learning. He has alway been by my side, loving me more and more each day. I will never understand why, but I am thankful. God has used my husband in my life in so many extraordinary ways that I stand amazed.

My darling I love you forever and a day.

I've written about our amazing story before. If you haven't read it and would like to feel free to click the links below.


  1. Happy anniversary! His persistence paid off!

  2. Happy Anniversary! As I was reading how you described yourself and how patient and loving was, I couldn't help but think how our God is with us. He is patient, kind, merciful and loving. Oh and did I mention forgiving?

    Happy Thanksgiving too.



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