Boys will be boys!

Every time the grandkids come over PopPop always ends up playing horse. When Our boys were young they loved to play this with with their daddy too. Although Keith said it's a little harder now that he is older but he loves it!!

And they come tumbling down!!

Just in case you are wondering, AJ was fine. The picture makes it look worse than it was. But he got up and ran back for more!!


  1. What fun! Those are memory makers for the boys!

  2. They do look like they are having a blast!

    Ryc- I know what you mean- I had alot of 'ouch' moments just typing them :-)

    In His love, Chanin

  3. You know that I love for boys to be boys. What a great PopPop they have!! I am glad you had a wonderful Easter!

    The Park Wife

  4. oh, i am so looking forward to grandkids. i miss playing with that age group.

  5. They look like they love being with their Grandpa! Glad he wasn't hurt!


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