A Year of Lament

It was in January 11th that I wrote in my journal the word lament. It seemed an odd word, not like the words of past years. What was God saying? Was it going to be a year of lament? A hard year? Was He trying to prepare me for something coming? Why lament? 

Okay God, I thought, I’ll go with you whatever it may mean. But I still didn’t have a verse, until today. 

Over the past few months since that day I’ve read Lamentations and have studied much on lamenting. I think one of the first things I realized is that I had been in the habit, for a long time now, of writing laments in my journals. My journals are filled with many types of writings but I also use it to write prayers to God. Those prayers are often laments. 

Over and over I cry out to God in complaint and then process through until I end with my eyes upon God and His faithfulness. 

Today, I read Psalm 62:8 “... trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” That’s it! 

As I learn to lament before God, I am being reminded that I can trust Him. He will listen to my complaints, I can take refuge in Him and trust Him with the results. 

I’ve been asking God to help me pray more intimately. To pray better. I’m not sure this is what I expected but I am so grateful to be on this journey of lamenting before God. 

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