Do You Live a Life That Prepares Others For Christ?

Today I began studying/reading through The Gospel of Mark. And after a three-year hiatus of writing, I felt led to begin again. Hopefully, I will sit and write my journey for the past couple of years. Why I stopped writing and why I found the words hard to flow out of my heart. I promise to try to do that soon, but for now, I want to share with you, what I was struck by in the first eight verses of Mark.

First a summary. Mark begins by reminding us that Isaiah foretold the coming of John the Baptist in Isaiah 40:3. John was sent to prepare the way for Christ. For those that would hear, John proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. His message was one of "repentance for the forgiveness of sin." (v.4) In verse eight John says, "I baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

As I read these eight verses I was struck by the fact that I am like John the Baptist. I was giving life through Christ in order to proclaim the coming of Christ Jesus. Not just the message of His first coming, death, and resurrection but that He is coming again. My life should be lived in such a way that I prepare others to hear the message of Jesus. John could not baptize with the Holy Spirit, but He did baptize with water in order to prepare for the message of Jesus. Jesus, the One who would bring the Holy Spirit with Him.

As I thought through these verses I began to ask questions of my own heart. What am I doing to prepare hearts for the message of the gospel? Am I preaching, with my words and life, the gospel in a way that makes those who don't know Jesus want Him? John's message was one of repentance and forgiveness of sin, do I live a life that proclaims the same?

The world is watching those who proclaim they have a relationship with Christ. The question is does your life, your words, prepare a way for them to want to follow Jesus or does it live them wanting nothing to do with Christ? I once heard someone I love, say to me if what they do and say is who Jesus is I want nothing to do with Him. Honestly, the judgment and hate she experiences are heartbreaking to me. Because of what she had seen she wanted nothing to do with the gospel message.

So, again I ask, Does your life and words prepare the way for others to hear the message of Jesus?

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