Living in Peace with the World in Unrest

The world is a crazy place theses days. Truthfully it has always been a place of confusion, hate, war and fighting the enemies of God. Somehow we think our time is unique, we think it’s worse than it’s ever been and yet I believe every generation has felt the same way.

peace in urestIt would be so easy to give in to the hysteria of the news and social media when it comes to what is happening or could happen in our world. As I read blog posts, twitter and Facebook statuses of friends I am reminded of just how easy it is to become overwhelmed. We begin to focus on how it all might affect us, our children and our families. We want to lash out against our enemies, build walls of protection and cry out to the authorities to protect us.

It’s true we live in a world today that is hard to know who our enemy is. Are we truly safe in our homes, in the grocery store, at work, at school or even on the playground. When will the next bomb rip apart our security? When will the next terrorist walk into a public place and just start shooting randomly? How can we live in such a time as this without becoming fearful?

This morning I was reminded of truth. I was reminded of the One who is my shield and my refuge. Psalm 2 tells of people, kings and rulers who counsel together against God. They are enemies of God, therefore they are an enemy of God’s people. But God’s response is to laugh and scoff at them. He will deal with them with His righteous anger. He reminds us that He has a plan and that plan began with sending His Son Jesus who is The King. He is King over the earth. (Psalm 2:4-5) Chapters 3 and 4 continue to remind us that God will deal with our enemies. He will “smite them on the cheek” (3:7).
He has a plan for the wicked and He has a plan for the righteous. His plan is Jesus (2:6-9). Jesus will judge His enemies. He will judge those who do not trust in Him. So we need to rest in His sovereign plan no matter how bad it seems in our eyes. We can not see what God sees. We do not know His plans and purposes in allowing evil to continue on this earth. But we can rest assured knowing and trusting that He does have a plan for each of us for all of eternity.

We are not to live in worry or fear but to live in joy and safety. But how are we to live a life of joy and peace in a world gone mad? We are to cry out to God, pray to Him. He will answer the righteous. Know that He is your refuge. He is your shelter. He will protect you. Spend time in His word, meditate on it. Do not trust in the words of man but trust God. Praise Him. Worship Him. These are the things we are to do in place of worry and fear.

This world can be a very scary and uncertain place, but for those who trust in the Lord we can walk in peace instead of fear. In those times when this world begins to overwhelm you and fear begins to rise up why not come and sit before God, read Psalms 2-5 and list all that God promises to do for those who fear His name. Then you can list all that God will do to those who mock His name. Look over your list and ask God for help in those areas that you find it difficult to walk in peace. End your time with Him by praising Him for His purposes and promises of protection for His righteous ones.
From my distress I called upon the LORD; The LORD answered me and set me in a large place. The LORD is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me? Psalm 118:5-6

The above verse came to mind as I was reading these passages today. We do not need to fear this world or what man may do to us. We need to fear the Lord. To be honest, even if I would be killed tomorrow by some random bullet somewhere I have peace knowing that I will spend eternity in the presence of God. It is the one who does not know God or trust in Him that should fear what man might do.

I know it’s not always an easy place to live, especially when I think of those I love who may not know God but still I need to trust that He is not willing for any to perish and He will not lose even one of those promised to Him.

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