Please Mommy, Let Me Live

Mommy can you hear me? Mommy can you feel me?

I am here inside you. I am alive. I am real. I am a part of you.  I am growing. I hear your voice and already I love you.

10-weeks-pregnant-500x332I know you are afraid. I know I am not planned. I know the world is telling you I am not alive. I am not real. But please mommy hear me. Hear my heart beating. Feel my movement and know that I am alive.

I am not an inconvenience. I am not a mistake. I am not something to just be thrown away. I am more than just tissue.  I am a blessing. A gift from God! My life is worth living if only you would let me live it.

I know your life has been hard. I know my father wants nothing to do with me. I know that you are young, too young. You feel alone, desperate and can’t even take care of yourself. But mommy I really want to live.

Mommy please know that I understand if you can’t take care of me.  Mommy there are other families who could take care of me. But please mommy don’t kill me, let me live.

Let me live so that I can grow and love. So that can be loved. Let me live so that I can live the life God meant for me to live.

Mommy can you hear me? Mommy can you feel me? Please mommy, I want to live.


If you are pregnant and have no place to turn or need help please contact Care Net. All of their services are confidential and free. They are available to help you.

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