Surprised by Motherhood

As I look back on Motherhood I remember those moments of rocking my babies, kissing cheeks, cuddling, singing, praying, and just watching you sleep. 
Who knew that you would touch my heart the way you did? Who knew that a heart could be filled with so much love.

Who knew that one so tiny could change the heart of a young, confused girl and give her the heart of a mother?

Who knew that you would come into my life and change my world?

Even now as I think back over the years I can’t help but be so very thankful for the gift of each of you.

Every moment as your mother has such precious memories. I would not trade those moments. Not even one of them.

Moments forever pictured in my heart.
Moments of laughter and silliness.
Moments of watching you play and grow.

My heart is filled with so many tender moments of just loving you…and…you loving me.

There were  moments of sorrow and pain. Times of struggling between the wills. But there was always love, always forgiveness, always grace.We learned through the hard times and it made us stronger. It made us who we are today.

I made mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but you were always so forgiving so understanding when I came to you and told you how sorry I was.

You may not know it, but you helped me to grow up. You taught me so many things. I learned patience, perseverance and most of all, you taught me about love. Oh how you taught me to love!

There are not words enough to share the love that is in my heart for you, even now, though you are adult men you can still bring such joy to my heart.Who knew that my precious little baby boys would grow up to be such wonderful young men? Amazing fathers.

Boys, yes you both were all boy. Running, wrestling, playing Cowboys and Indians, bringing home snakes, climbing trees, scrapped knees, broken bones, stitches, running into deer, camping, hiking, bikes, basketball, soccer, track, oh and lets not forget the mud and dirt, running in the creek, falling into a frozen pond or loud unexpected noises! You kept me on my toes!

Such memories, so precious to a mother’s heart.

Now you are men with homes of your own, with precious family of your own and I am so proud of you.

My heart is still filled with such love and wonder as I watch the young men before me.

Who knew that a young girl with so little to give, could learn to love with such a great love?

Who knew? God of course!

He knew that by placing two precious little boys into my arms I would grow, learn and love with a heart that is full. God knew that as my love and understanding of being a mother grew my understanding of God would grow.

I am so thankful for you both. I will love you forever and always.

May God be glorified for the work He has done not only in the heart of this mother but what He continues to do in her heart and the heart of her sons.

Adam David your name means “first born, beloved” and you are my beloved first born. I see in your heart a deep love and compassion, even though you try to keep it hidden. I love watching the way you love, care and protect your family. Always remember that you are very much loved. You are so very much loved, not only by your mother, but also by God.  You are so very precious to Him and He calls you His beloved son.

Joshua Mark your name means “Jehovah is salvation, defender” and you are a defender of those less fortunate, you have compassion for the hurting. Compassion and a deep love for your family. Always remember that you are very much loved. Jesus is your salvation and He is your defender. You are so very precious to me and to God. Never forget that God calls you HIS and you are beloved of God.

THANK YOU God for entrusting these two precious boys into my heart. I am forever grateful for the privilege of being a Mother.

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