Understanding Worship

Studying worship, what it is and what it means, has been very interesting and at times overwhelming. So while I thought I would write a weekly post on “True Worship” I am finding it impossible. One reason that it’s so difficult is that much praying-hands2of my earlier thoughts on worship have been wrong or not quite thought out fully. So instead of a weekly post I have decided to just post as God leads with the hope that maybe it’s bi-weekly, but don’t hold me to it.

One of the thoughts that have really challenged me is this, “We think that as long as we are worshipping the one true God rather than some false god we are worshipping properly.  We think that as long as we are worshipping the one true God it no longer matters how we worship.  We are free to express our religious devotion to God by whatever means we wish, just as long as the object of our worship is the right God.1 I do not know for sure if this is what most believe, but to me it seems as if it’s the majority mindset. I mean if you attend one church after another, you will find all kinds of worship expressions.  I personally have seen  anything   from stage performances, drama, hymns, well crafted sermons, dancing to rocked-out music with smoke and flashing lights.

It all makes me wonder  “What does God desire from me?” when it comes to worship. I know worship is not about me. It is about God. I cannot stress that enough. But if I am worshipping according to “my preference” then how is this about God? Doesn’t it then become about me?

I am beginning to see, to understand, that no worship is proper worship unless it is in accordance with God’s instructions for worshipping Him.  But how do we know what true worship is? Are we  free to make up any approach we wish to worship? Does God specify a way to worship?

I don’t know about you but I desire to worship God in a way that brings Him glory, in a way that pleases Him. I don’t want to do it a certain way just because I think it’s right, or even what the pastor or worship leader thinks.  To me it’s important to understand what God thinks in this area called worship.

Understanding worship is not simply knowing the object of who were are to worship, it is also the method of worship. 

The object of our worship is without a doubt to be God. The One True God, Jehovah, Creator of the earth. The One who created you and me in His image. We are to worship NO other image besides Him.

I can’t image that we would disagree on the object of our worship, it’s pretty black and white. The method of worship gets a bit more challenging. What I’ve already read is quite interesting and totally thought provoking and I can’t wait to to dig into what God has to say about the method of worship.


1Dave Moen

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